I ‘ve recently made an update to my blog, which would vastly improve the compile speed and ease of deployment. Thus should I make faster additions and article commits to my article repository, in the hope that other OI participants could benefit from these problems.

Preview on small screens
Preview on large screens

The new kernel is written in Python, which cost 2 whole days of my time, consuming some disk space as well. Yet the results are satisfying. This could reduce the commit workflow to the git server at a very large scale, and reduce chances of intercept through distribution of SHA256 sums.

All articles are indexed in a JSON file, where users retrieve this JSON and post the changes to the HTML viewer instantly. Dynamically, this could reduce the network traffic of both the server and the client, since client-side JSON files need not change for quite a long time, and verbose data id est those in sidebars are omitted, dynamically (AJAX) injected into the HTML page.

We could also think of a way to create RSS feeds, but currently I am not on the point of doing this.

Using AJAX is a nice way, though it requires more time and more effort, while searching ways to bypass jQuery API limits without a network connection .

This AJAX should not throw errors, and if you encounter one, refresh the page. If problems further retains, please contact the author for further debugging information. Before you do this, make sure you’ ve tried all methods you know about, like switching platforms et cetera.

If you like this blog generator, make sure you inform the author, and if requests exceeds a certain amount, I will split this generator from the blog and release it as free software.