The second update given to this previewed released project. The world save would not be available until a certain time, which would be later in the near future.

This project has been going for about a few weeks, starting from about one month ago. Originally designed to imitate a previous modern house project, but eventually takes after a number of my own ideas.


This update featured a set of mass interior updates. The main hall is completely refurbished and created a hybrid view of both traditional and modern architecture. To speak frankly, the use of carpet is less promoted or objected to in modern architecture in Minecraft, and would have been avoided previously.

The hall have been divided into two parts, separated with one hallway. The hallway contains an elevator serves also as an adornment for the sake of the need of a waterfall. Acacia planks made its purposes clearly in the process.

However, due to the darkness, lighting has always been a problem, and one may not bother the demand to conjure commands upon agitating mobs in the way of setting up globally effective command blocks to execute removal on such.

One of the biggest approaches to the update is the addition of the harbour. To name it as a harbour is not a wise idea, but effective. It can hold up to 40 small sized boats, theoretically, and 2 yachts equipped with Archimedes ‘s Ships mod, which could only have been found in the 1. 7. 10 update. It is quite aggravating to find out that the mod author actively refuses to provide the 1. 8/1. 9/1. 10 version of the mod, that made the ship cease to function.

Due to the fact that the mod is still obsolete, one will have to wait until it is fully functional. Not to mention the deprecated universal modding solution provided by Mojang by the programming of JSON. Such activities should not only annoy common people, but also regular programmers as well. Programmers who are quite familiar with assembly can be adaptive, though.

The farmland should provide sufficient food supplies for the mansion, in one sentence. These farmlands include 14 floors in common specifications, and could provide up to 30 chests of wheat per harvest per farm.

Only 6 farming centres have been utilized and put into use as of this update. Growth are limited but not permanently limited to potatoes, carrots and wheat. Not all figures are demonstrated hereby, bring consuming network flow to users and hosting servers.

Not to mention a small update in the B1 floor, considering the need of mob destructing. Mobs will be exterminated if within a 10 metre radius in the range of the player, as long as the chunk containing the respectively related command blocks are loaded. Figures are hereby omitted, as the entrance to this facility could be easily (or hastily) spotted by discoverers. I would not have told you that this could be easily approached by spectator mode or MCEdit.

Updates would be introduced if desired. This is a work entirely by myself, with absolutely no aid from other people, regardless of the base map from Aurelien Sama. These are some rules:

You may not:

  • Take this post away and claim as yours.
  • Imitate the project entirely and claim as yours.
  • Take large paragraphs of the post without claiming the author.

You may:

  • Re-post this post verbatim as long as the original author is noted explicitly.
  • Study the project and imitate small parts while retaining your ideas. This has no restrictions on whether or not to claim the original author.
  • Study paragraphs and cite them with the claim of the original author.