Recently, after acknowledging a bug feature in Minecraft PC which allowed boats to travel at extremely high speeds on ice. In this way I designed a system of rails which enables users to create on-land transportation with pre-built schematics.

The following figures are brief screenshots of a fully-operational highway loop, built on a superflat world.

I also spent some time on curves (which was shown in the demonstration) and on elevation units. Elevation units can be made with pure redstone without the aid of command blocks. Using tripwire hooks to detect motion and send it to a massive amount of pistons which pushes upwards an entire chunk of ice blocks that elevates the boat. This model, can deter the speed greatly but is the only known way of bring boats to higher places.

No screenshots were made demonstrating the aforementioned feature / implementation. And it wasn ‘t quite nice-looking, either.

The schematics are given below, which can be imported into your map in MCEdit. Later versions of MCEdit are preferred. There is also a bug in the elevation unit, that MCEdit does not support rotation of tripwire hooks, which can lead to certain critical problems. These have to be fixed manually while rotating. Download links are provided below:

  1. 45 Degrees Curve, 31 Metres' Radius
  2. Right Angle Curve, 31 Metres' Radius
  3. Straight Line, Diagonal, 33 Metres
  4. Straight Line, 33 Metres
  5. 1/18 Slope Elevation Unit, 1 Metre Tall

I would probably develop a MCEdit plugin which uses Python to dynamically generate highways using pre-built style definitions. But this is not quite possible due to the lack of time recently.