Because the old version that I had been using was seriously inproper and not user friendly, and I wished to take an advantage of a fresh install, I decided to wipe my original Atom editor and reset it with the latest version.

It seemed that the latest version had included a variety of fancy functions, like snapping windows to edges et cetera. I would certainly recommend this over other products, which are less customizable.

After a long while of waiting for the download and installation to be completed, one finally reached a temporary checkpoint, when I installed the editor but obviously not having any packages installed, yet. After added a few plugins without compromising the security, I found my cdt-atom plugin which is proper, but not proper enough to work on modern versions of Atom.

So I took around an hour or two to fix this plugin, by removing certain drivers and magic configurations. Nonetheless, we might be able to expose the traffic to the audience now.

I installed a theme called atom-material-ui, but retained the original look and feel of the syntax called one-dark by not changing it. 18 points ‘font felt like way bigger, but is better than nothing.

The following is the update after many bug fixes, and finally near production ready, that can be applied to other applications.

Atom, Material Design