Around June 2016, I created my site and utilized it as a personal blog. Throughout the years it had gradually evolved into what you are seeing right now. The site itself had undergone a few refurbishments, which changed its appearence profoundly.

During the time I participated in Olympiad in Informatics, I gained a certain fetish for Splay Trees, given its ease of demonstration and powerful functions over other data structures. Most of the time it yielded incorrect answers, so I gave myself a name JeffSplayWithTrees, also abbreviated as jeffswt.

So I spent 5 years’ time learning and training in the expertise of OI, from Junior high through Senior high. These 5 years had been the most fulfilled days by then, when I attended HS Affiliated to Renmin University, China.

Tsienyi Lawyer

Tsienyi Lawyer had been our coach all those days, to whom I shall dedicate sincere gratitude, whom had always been a professional teacher.

I left OI in June 2017, around 1 year after the birth of this site, but my life on Computer Science shall continue, and shall thrive for the longer.


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